Why do we focus on sales, if service is what really matters?

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CAPÇALERA NEWSVery often we listen to executives talking about initiatives addressed to increase sales. This concept, “increasing sales”, is –together with “cost savings” and “innovation”– one of the three most current concepts in any management team. It is absolutely legitimate and even logical to desire selling more, at a better price and being innovative. Nevertheless, there are some occasions in which these messages contain certain myopia; because all of us know –all of us are customers too– that, actually, customers do not buy without further ado, but what they value in the long term is their satisfaction after the purchase.If we understand “selling” as “convincing” the customer to buy what we offer, we are doing a fatal reduction. We suggest that, in order to achieve our goal of “increasing sales”, we incorporate the term “service” into the equation. This one is focused on: what we offer, what particular necessity it covers and how we offer it. Be careful! We are not only talking about customer service.

When a customer needs to purchase something, he can choose between buying it because of its price or because of its value. And, although the price plays an important role, the value’s role ends up being fundamental. In essence, all of us know it, but we usually observe how policies adopted by companies focus on stimulating the sales, looking for new customers and new products; but, curiously, they forget suitability and quality of service.

Any customer has a need, and what he desires is this need to be satisfied in an efficient and effective way. In other words, that it is covered and that its cost is optimal. And forget about that necessity for a long time!

consultoria_innovacionWhen we analyze great successful companies, we can see that they have not only been innovative in some of the strategic axis that difference them from other organizations,  but that they have a really high orientation to make the customer feel better and cover his customer service needs clearly and easily.

If you want to check the consistence of our proposal, just think about any recent buying experience, as much positive as negative, and you will discover that a big part of your valuation of that purchase is based in the quality of service that have been offered to you.

Finally, only one more question… If we agree in what we have just explained, why do not we orientate our company and efforts to improve our service? This way we will make sales, too, a consequence of the value quality we offer.

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