News March – Who or what makes a person a leader?

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capçalera news engThere is a lot of literature, science and wisdom about leadership. Authors such as Blanchard, Christensen, Drucker, Hamel and many others, have shared with us the keys to leadership, the different styles and the varied applications.

However, Derek Sivers brings us to the very beginning. To ask ourselves what, or better, who makes a person a leader.

Very briefly and through a cheerful and contagious video, he shows us how a person, who expresses how he feels in a dynamic and different way to what is happening around him, suddenly becomes a leader.

The conclusion reached after his presentation is that one does not become a leader because he wants to be one, but because there are others who follow him and make him a reference, someone to imitate.

When others take you as a model of what you do and how you do it, then you can pronounce that you are a leader! regardless of the position you hold.

If you look around you, how many leaders can you count?

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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