ToBeinn, a new innovation project, is born. ¿Would you like to come and meet it?

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We are really happy to announce that Dicere’s project is about to grow up and evolve a little more, to make a disruptive jump in the innovation field, which still inspires and fascinates us. This jump has a name, ToBeinn, and we want to invite us to meet it next Tuesday 28th of May.


ToBeinn ( is the fusion of five companies, united in order to facilitate and teach organizations the knowledge and holistic experience needed to create truly innovative sustainable cultures.

Its sense raises from two reflections made by different professionals from the innovation world. The first of them is that, as a business discipline, innovation is inevitably a sequence of methodological steps that give a response to a specific necessity or momentum. Isolated they lose some of their meaning, but unified and organized they show all their potential in generating cultures of innovation. The second reflection is that, nowadays, there’s an enormous fragmentation between professionals specialized in all these specific steps.

ToBeinn is born then as an answer to the contradiction generated by both reflections. Now we only need to wonder… what are the steps we are talking about?

  • Alias: innovation systems and ecosystems
  • Dícere: innovation degree diagnosis of an innovation culture
  • Easycrit: innovation process management software
  • Inteligencia creativa: development and systematization of the innovative knowledge
  • TBI (Total Business Innovation)-IESE: innovation global management systems

It is difficult to explain and introduce ToBeinn in a simple post. For this reason, we would celebrate sharing its public official presentation with us, where we will get into details and will unfold its contents and meaning. It will take place on Tuesday 28th of May, in the IESE school of Barcelona from 9.30am to 2.00pm. You can take a look at the programme and register for free by clicking here.

Our blog may experiment some little modifications during the next weeks, but we will keeping sharing contents as always. What’s true is that, from now on, our team is bigger and this will allow us to expand our offer of contents and, above all, ideas through Dícere’s blog and ToBeinn’s one,

We enthusiastically hope seeing you next Tuesday and keeping interacting with you through the blogs!

Dícere’s Team

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