“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation”, a book to dispel common myths and clarify concepts about innovation

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Since “Innovación 2.0” was released in 2012 we have been waiting to its English edition and the time has finally come! “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation” has been written in –not translated into– English by its original authors, Jay Rao and Fran Chuan, with the will to get to readers from all over the world and keep sharing innovation experiences and knowledge.

"The Discipline & Culture of Innovation", by Fran Chuan and Jay Rao

“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation”, by Fran Chuan and Jay Rao

Big corporations’ CEOs, executives from medium and small companies, employees or youth entrepreneurs: “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation” is a book that anyone pursuing innovation should have on hand. High jump technical specifications, human evolution or cinematographic references are found in its content, based on a dialogue between an inquiring CEO and a professor willing to teach. Its reading is pleasant, enjoyable and, even without noticing, extremely educational.

As Rao and Chuan write, “innovation is not only change, technology, design, globalization or any ‘new thing’; it is, simply, humility and continuous learning”.

“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation” is already available in both its printed and online versions in the next links:

  • Amazon (only e-book; printed version available soon)
  • Profit Editorial (e-book and printed version for worldwide distribution)

Hope you enjoy it, and share your impressions with us.

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