The 5 habits of highly “modembitious” executives

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The term “modembitious” comes from the hybridization of “modest” and “ambitious”. 

  1. The authentic geniuses of business do not try to know everything.
  2. The most creative leaders do not only take advantage of the genius’ hidden power to attract new ideas, they take advantage of the collective genius in order to evaluate the ideas they attract.
  3. Not all the new ideas are good ideas, so the leaders who want a lot of ideas to be proposed should know how to refuse bad ideas without demoralizing the ones who have suggested them.
  4. The leaders who want outsiders to share ideas with them need to be willing to share their ideas with outsiders.
  5. Modembition” can be something more than an individual leadership style. It can be an organizational life style.


As Keith Sawyer states: “Innovation cannot be planned or predicted, we should let it emerge.”

Fran Chuán

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