JULY – Question 6 – What are our weaknesses?

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Ball Elusive and unstable…the ball challenges us with its simple appearance and unpredictable nature. An element of sobriety: a simple, smooth and unwrinkled surface, with no ridges, corners or sides. And despite this, our solid bubble hides a wealth of possibilities. It escapes with ease, and then returns. A simple gust of wind and change its destiny. How can we … Read More

JUNE – Question 5 – What are our strengths?

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Watering can It contains and releases the water which is our fascination. That which drains away, evaporates, dries up… Fast acting and short-lived, but in passing has the capacity to cause great changes: it allows us to shape the sand it wets, change the color of our dusty skin, chase off unwanted playmates; it refreshes us or cools us…And one … Read More