DECEMBER – Your Culture of Innovation

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Your Sandbox Your space and your elements Where you can play, test, learn, experiment, challenge, fail, figure out, train, share, rule out… Your sandbox is a free area shaped by carefully-placed elements. The versatility of the sand, the enigma of the watering can, the instability of the ball, the action of the spade and rake, the dexterity of the rings… … Read More

OCTOBER – Question 9 – How do we make our Culture of Innovation sustainable?

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Hoops Expertise comes into play. To know how to calculate the journey our actions take. To control the impact of our movements. To bring together the right piece and the right place. The complexity of our mission requires strategy. And foresight. And determination. The achievement to be accomplished deserves the effort. We have seen it done, but we do not … Read More

MARCH. Question 2 – What is Innovation?

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 Moulds for figures Sand is sand: a universal material, the same for everyone. Moulds allow us to create different shapes from this common and shared material. Our moulds can be these popular ones… or they may be unique and personalized and allow us to obtain our own results from such a common material as sand. Who chooses the moulds? What … Read More

FEBRUARY. 5 Steps to Build an Innovation Sandbox

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There is a lot of evidence that the Culture of Innovation (innovative behaviors) is the primary driver of innovation in most corporations. Corporate leaders are the foundation, since the way people behave is a reflection of the leaders’ behavior. The challenge is how the leaders can build and manage such a culture, especially if starting without a well established history. … Read More