NOVEMBER. Heroes before challenge

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The Innovation world coexists day by day with the challenge, the change. In fact, as we all know, these are inescapable features of innovation as an intrinsic part of it. Do we feel uncomfortable before the challenge? Do we feel distressed about it? Pilar Jericó –in this month video introduced by THD– encourages us to understand that all people follow … Read More

JUNE. The Innovation Loop

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A micro-dictionary with 4 concepts and 2 responsibilities is all Lotfi El-Ghandouri needs to clarify the basic concepts that make up the life cycle of innovation. We will try not to spoil the sake of simplicity, because often we get to talk and something that at first was very clear, it becomes extremely complicated.

“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation”, a book to dispel common myths and clarify concepts about innovation

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Since “Innovación 2.0” was released in 2012 we have been waiting to its English edition and the time has finally come! “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation” has been written in –not translated into– English by its original authors, Jay Rao and Fran Chuan, with the will to get to readers from all over the world and keep sharing innovation … Read More