Minimal Risk

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Reviewing my notes I discovered a delightful article by Fernando Trias de Bes from December 8, 2013 in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. With his sharp pen, he points out the interesting way that multiple choice tests are frequently scored. I quote the opening paragraph: “Test exam. The teacher hands out the paper and tells the students: Remember, the wrong … Read More

Learning How To Lead And Manage Innovation Projects.

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In previous articles we introduced the Discovery phase into a Culture of Innovation consisting of two stages: the Assessment (the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool questionnaire) and the Sensitization (COGNOS and INSIGHT workshops). This phase makes us aware of the innovation culture in our organization and helps management and employees penetrate the concept of innovation, empowering the special role of leadership in … Read More

Sailing and innovation, start the journey

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Sailing has always fascinated me. And there are so many similarities between it and innovation! When you start a journey in which the destination is not really important, you take advantage of the wind and the currents to simply enjoy and learn. You learn to use fewer things and discover yourself doing some maneuvers that you hadn’t tried before and … Read More