News March – Who or what makes a person a leader?

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There is a lot of literature, science and wisdom about leadership. Authors such as Blanchard, Christensen, Drucker, Hamel and many others, have shared with us the keys to leadership, the different styles and the varied applications. However, Derek Sivers brings us to the very beginning. To ask ourselves what, or better, who makes a person a leader. Very briefly and … Read More

April. The role of the Leader

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Yes, it is important to discuss about the role of Leaders. And it is because their mission within the company is crucial. Both their mission and the way they do, how they manage time and resources, the way they relate to people and how to inspire them to accompanying the Leader in his task… But today we do not want … Read More

The Leader In Innovation

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Innovation and Leadership are certainly two concepts closely related in our minds, but is the leader expected to innovate or she supposed to create innovation environments? Innovation requires a group of people working collaboratively in a space where trust and fluent communication allow to create value and solutions to improve our day to day.