NOVEMBER. Heroes before challenge

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The Innovation world coexists day by day with the challenge, the change. In fact, as we all know, these are inescapable features of innovation as an intrinsic part of it. Do we feel uncomfortable before the challenge? Do we feel distressed about it? Pilar Jericó –in this month video introduced by THD– encourages us to understand that all people follow … Read More

Entrepreneurs and age

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“We need some gray hair”, once referred to needingg someone with more experience. But I haven’t heard that expression in a very long time. The most common image of an innovator is that of a kid developing a great idea in a garage, a dorm room or a makeshift office. This is the story of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, Bill … Read More

May. Tell me Innovation Stories

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Storytelling is a very effective way to learn and transmit culture. So we learn as children and find our identity in our family. Storytelling can also be a very effective way to generate change out of such an environment and launch into a more uncertain and ambiguous world. A family environment meets our expectations and gives us satisfaction. When our … Read More

MARCH. Innovation Activist

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For each innovative action, there are thousand articles written on the subject. The reason is that Innovation is not yet a developed discipline, like Marketing, Quality or Chemistry. Therefore, many people feel entitled to talk about it and – consequently – still more people feel confused when taking action because there is no proven successful approach. When we feel bad, … Read More

The DNA of Innovation

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In the introduction to his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahneman tells us that in order to make a good diagnosis, a doctor needs to catalog lots of diseases, each one linked to an idea of the possible causes, symptoms, development and consequences, and the necessary interventions to cure or at least mitigate the disease. Learning medicine consists in … Read More


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Businesses are competitive by nature. This forces them to understand where they are vs. their main competitors. This is why, particularly, big companies spend substantial money to understand their relative positions in the market place. Like in sports, it does not matter how well a team is feeling if they are at the bottom of the league. They are forced … Read More

Innovation? Do not get confused

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During the last years, many people have used the word Innovation, in many cases with no particular reason. This overuse of the term seems to have converted it on a label that guarantees the success of any proposal to be sold to a customer, consumer or even the top management of a company. That is why we would like to … Read More

Creativity and innovation

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Today’s competitiveness is based on innovation. This is the ability to surprise the markets with different products and technologies. This is also coming up with renewed internal processes that revolutionize industries and establish new rules. Innovation is the key to the survival in a global world and excessively rapid technological cycles. It is always a good time for innovation. Computer … Read More

Why must we innovate?

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Innovation can be defined as the process to effectively launch certain products, processes or services into the market, hence in social life, based on new knowledge or a new combination of existing knowledge. The answer to the question may seem difficult, but is actually be very simple. We must innovate to improve. Innovation enables both individuals and enterprises to interact … Read More