MARCH. Question 2 – What is Innovation?

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 Moulds for figures Sand is sand: a universal material, the same for everyone. Moulds allow us to create different shapes from this common and shared material. Our moulds can be these popular ones… or they may be unique and personalized and allow us to obtain our own results from such a common material as sand. Who chooses the moulds? What … Read More

(1/10) Pursuing perfection: the ideal model of an innovative company

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Can you imagine a company in which…? Time and resources are spent in innovation just because this is the regular way of working Everything is done is useful because unnecessary bureaucracies do not exist Action, learning and results are rewarded; not only effort All employees take initiative to prosper, develop, learn… live! There’s a constant feedback exchange, which is willingly … Read More

Stop the Nonsense! Innovation is a Discipline

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Jay Rao  Ver artículo original / See original article A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the problem we have today with innovation. Indeed, this once worthy term is being degraded by CEOs, consultants, marketers, and journalists for whom it is the buzzword d’jour. The term “innovation” has been deeply devalued—to the point of being a slogan or aspiration. Also, … Read More

Steve Jobs, Innovation, Culture and Discipline

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Steve Jobs was instrumental in shaping and in some cases reshaping the PC, Telecom, Internet, Media, Entertainment and Retail Industries. He created the post-mini-computer era with the Apple PC. And more recently he was one of the first to create successful business models around digital convergence, i.e., the coming together of data, voice and video. In doing so, Apple is … Read More