JUNE. Lean Project Management: Artifacts – Product & Sprint Backlog

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In the February newsletter we covered the LPM concepts of roles, artifacts and processes. Since then, we have discussed in detail the roles that play in this methodology. Now it is time to penetrate the artifacts. Artifacts are the tools used in order to support and facilitate how a Project is managed. We start with the two backlogs: the Product Backlog and the Sprint Backlog. A backlog is a list or … Read More

Locked R&D labs are already over

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An open system or organization must look at its environment for two reasons. The first one is to ensure its delivered output meets the continuously changing environmental needs. The second one is to look for inspiration, predict what the environment will demand next, create the demand and provide the first and/or the best offer to gain a competitive advantage and … Read More

Welcome to Dícere-ToBeinn!

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Dear friends and colleagues, we post this week to anounce you that we change our blog address. Dícere-Wakab will be called from now on Dícere-ToBeinn in order to reinforce our compromise with the ToBeinn project, which was born recently.

The 5 habits of highly “modembitious” executives

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The term “modembitious” comes from the hybridization of “modest” and “ambitious”.  The authentic geniuses of business do not try to know everything. The most creative leaders do not only take advantage of the genius’ hidden power to attract new ideas, they take advantage of the collective genius in order to evaluate the ideas they attract. Not all the new ideas … Read More

Confusion between failure and mistake

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There is a lot of mysticism around the fact that one should fail in order to innovate. And, many times, we read the same statement with the word “mistake”. Be careful! A failure is not a mistake. A mistake is a proof that there was negligence, lack of reflection, excessive speed or an assumption of a certain cause-effect during the … Read More

How executives and entrepreneurs see risk: sinking the boat or missing it

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Some time ago we read in the Harvard Business Review’s blog a reference to Peter Dickson and Joseph Giglierano that called our attention because of its visual way of reflection and the analogy referred to the risk that everyone faces. And the perceptions and consequences that both of them produce too. Dickson and Giglierano state that executives and entrepreneurs face … Read More

6 building blocks for an Innovation Culture

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“The elements that make up a truly innovative company are many: a focused innovation strategy, a winning overall business strategy, deep customer insight, great talent, and the right set of capabilities to achieve successful execution. More important than any of the individual elements, however, is the role played by corporate culture — the organization’s self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, thinking, and … Read More