News July – The power of small ideas

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We often forget that ideas that are the most obvious and worn-out, and therefore seemingly irrelevant, hide a potential that can put in check our elaborate pro executive scaffolding. In this Talk that we present today, Arianna gives us her fetish idea. A simple and obvious idea, but that doesn’t stop it being fundamental even if it is simple and … Read More

Are Companies Losing The Best Source Of New Ideas?

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In previous posts we reflected on where to look for new ideas. In this one, we analyze how organizations take advantage of most likely the best source of new ideas: their experienced employees. We are convinced that the most powerful assets a company can count on to prosper is the knowledge from experienced workers. However, companies seem to have problems … Read More

NOVEMBER. Can you imagine where to look for new ideas?

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We always face the need to look for disruptive ideas that make us different from others. This sounds like a repetitive background music we hear to stay alive in the ever-faster changing market. The decision criteria from our clients, their needs, the product/service offer channels, the competitors are all changing. Same song as always, isn’t it?

Mark Twain: “The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”

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Innovation is excessively personalized. We talk about that person or the other; about that company or the other. Maybe we should depersonalize and open the concept. New ideas fundamentally emerge from the inside of organizations, from open communities. The key of success is not only having well prepared people, but inspiring enthusiastic people, who is also committed and trained to … Read More