(1/10) Pursuing perfection: the ideal model of an innovative company

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Can you imagine a company in which…? Time and resources are spent in innovation just because this is the regular way of working Everything is done is useful because unnecessary bureaucracies do not exist Action, learning and results are rewarded; not only effort All employees take initiative to prosper, develop, learn… live! There’s a constant feedback exchange, which is willingly … Read More

Why do we focus on sales, if service is what really matters?

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Very often we listen to executives talking about initiatives addressed to increase sales. This concept, “increasing sales”, is –together with “cost savings” and “innovation”– one of the three most current concepts in any management team. It is absolutely legitimate and even logical to desire selling more, at a better price and being innovative. Nevertheless, there are some occasions in which … Read More

“How to change the world”

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That’s how Guy Kawasaki‘s blog is called. Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher and special advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google. In October 2011 he wrote a post called “What I Learned from Steve Jobs” in which he described some things –in particular, 12– that he learned from Steve Jobs during his experience in Apple and that we’ll … Read More

Sailing and innovation, start the journey

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Sailing has always fascinated me. And there are so many similarities between it and innovation! When you start a journey in which the destination is not really important, you take advantage of the wind and the currents to simply enjoy and learn. You learn to use fewer things and discover yourself doing some maneuvers that you hadn’t tried before and … Read More

Learning innovation from… ants!

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As we have already said before, innovation takes place within communities. It is for this reason that, when we explore new territories looking for new markets, new ideas, new solutions… having a “lingua franca” of innovation in our community becomes fundamental. So, if we do not have it yet, we should start working in order to create it. And… what … Read More

Mark Twain: “The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds.”

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Innovation is excessively personalized. We talk about that person or the other; about that company or the other. Maybe we should depersonalize and open the concept. New ideas fundamentally emerge from the inside of organizations, from open communities. The key of success is not only having well prepared people, but inspiring enthusiastic people, who is also committed and trained to … Read More