MAY – Question 4 – How do we innovate?

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  Lego Pieces What attracts us so much about these smooth textured brightly colored pieces? It’s because as soon as we see them our imagination takes the initiative and drives us to devise models that take shape as we join one piece with another, combine one color with another; imagination and the pieces, and, above all, the implied invitation to … Read More

(6/10) InSIGHT : Transforming employees in master entrepreneurs

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In our JOURNEY© to a Culture of Innovation, we have so far discovered the degree of innovation of our company via the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool. We have introduced the management teams to the world of business innovation, making them aware of the results of the assessment. We helped them to understand their role as leaders in the COGNOS workshop. Today … Read More

(5/10) COGNOS Management: There is no innovation without leadership.

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THE JOURNEY© process has been developed by Dicere to help companies develop a more robust Culture of Innovation. It consists of three phases: Discovering, Learning and Experimenting. The Discovering phase is divided in two stages: Assessment and Sensitization. In our last post we introduced the Assessment stage, performed through the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool, which gives companies an overall “Innovation Quotient”, … Read More