Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Building a consensus for an unambiguous and easy to understand definition of innovation has not yet been possible. We mean the systematic practice of innovation, applied to the market and business in which the company operates and competes, under the premise of consolidating their differentiation and adding value to its customers, employees and shareholders. Widely known are the words from … Read More

(4/10) Discovering the innovative level of our company

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To innovate is not only having a brilliant idea, nor knowing how to turn it into something real and not even making it successful, if everything ends ups as an isolated fact, as a milestone in our company’s history line. To innovate is allowing our organization to develop a culture of innovation: in other words, to make possible that innovation … Read More

Locked R&D labs are already over

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An open system or organization must look at its environment for two reasons. The first one is to ensure its delivered output meets the continuously changing environmental needs. The second one is to look for inspiration, predict what the environment will demand next, create the demand and provide the first and/or the best offer to gain a competitive advantage and … Read More

(3/10) From theory to “Active Learning”

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Business innovation is a long JOURNEY©. There are many steps that need to be taken, but the first and main one is training. Without it, there’s no change; and without change, there’s not innovation culture. Active Learning is one of the best ways to learn towards innovation. This holistic methodology puts special emphasis on practice, and not too much on theory, … Read More

“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation”, a book to dispel common myths and clarify concepts about innovation

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Since “Innovación 2.0” was released in 2012 we have been waiting to its English edition and the time has finally come! “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation” has been written in –not translated into– English by its original authors, Jay Rao and Fran Chuan, with the will to get to readers from all over the world and keep sharing innovation … Read More

JUNE. What is so special about belonging to a team?

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An old African proverb says that alone we get faster, but together we get further. The best is to get further and faster, enjoying the journey as all that the team does works effortless. Whereas this is possible, the perfect connection requires discipline, mainly in the communication area.  Guessing the intentions of the other team members before they even say … Read More

Welcome to Dícere-ToBeinn!

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Dear friends and colleagues, we post this week to anounce you that we change our blog address. Dícere-Wakab will be called from now on Dícere-ToBeinn in order to reinforce our compromise with the ToBeinn project, which was born recently.

(1/10) Pursuing perfection: the ideal model of an innovative company

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Can you imagine a company in which…? Time and resources are spent in innovation just because this is the regular way of working Everything is done is useful because unnecessary bureaucracies do not exist Action, learning and results are rewarded; not only effort All employees take initiative to prosper, develop, learn… live! There’s a constant feedback exchange, which is willingly … Read More

Why do we focus on sales, if service is what really matters?

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Very often we listen to executives talking about initiatives addressed to increase sales. This concept, “increasing sales”, is –together with “cost savings” and “innovation”– one of the three most current concepts in any management team. It is absolutely legitimate and even logical to desire selling more, at a better price and being innovative. Nevertheless, there are some occasions in which … Read More