DECEMBER – Your Culture of Innovation

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Your Sandbox Your space and your elements Where you can play, test, learn, experiment, challenge, fail, figure out, train, share, rule out… Your sandbox is a free area shaped by carefully-placed elements. The versatility of the sand, the enigma of the watering can, the instability of the ball, the action of the spade and rake, the dexterity of the rings… … Read More

August – Question 7 – What is the leadership style that encourages innovation?

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Rake and Spade Dig. Remove. Rake. Tidy. Let’s get to work. Action. Effort. The enjoyment of transforming our environment. Toiling to make what we have imagined become real, only to see that it’s not exactly what we wanted… but that’s okay too. It’s our work. The result of our effort. And if we are still not satisfied… start again. Dig. … Read More

JANUARY – 9 questions leading to Innovation

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Enclosure for the Sandbox Imagine an invulnerable place, either physical or imaginary. An invulnerable place where neither rules or hierarchies or lifelong preconceived ideas can enter. A clean, empty place where the upside-down world fits; where disruption, madness and innovation are possible. A place which is invulnerable yet open to the four winds; a place where everyone fits. If we … Read More

December. Living in the present

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Talking about the management of time always conceals something chimerical, something impossible. We all know fantastic theories and solutions, but the enemy that we face is vast, colossal: our management of time. Hence, we find the approach of Santiago Alvarez de Mon appealing, in the video we present this month in conjunction with THD. To speak about satisfactory time management, … Read More

NOVEMBER. Heroes before challenge

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The Innovation world coexists day by day with the challenge, the change. In fact, as we all know, these are inescapable features of innovation as an intrinsic part of it. Do we feel uncomfortable before the challenge? Do we feel distressed about it? Pilar Jericó –in this month video introduced by THD– encourages us to understand that all people follow … Read More

JUNE. The Innovation Loop

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A micro-dictionary with 4 concepts and 2 responsibilities is all Lotfi El-Ghandouri needs to clarify the basic concepts that make up the life cycle of innovation. We will try not to spoil the sake of simplicity, because often we get to talk and something that at first was very clear, it becomes extremely complicated.

FEBRUARY. 5 Steps to Build an Innovation Sandbox

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There is a lot of evidence that the Culture of Innovation (innovative behaviors) is the primary driver of innovation in most corporations. Corporate leaders are the foundation, since the way people behave is a reflection of the leaders’ behavior. The challenge is how the leaders can build and manage such a culture, especially if starting without a well established history. … Read More

The DNA of Innovation

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In the introduction to his book “Thinking, Fast and Slow”, Daniel Kahneman tells us that in order to make a good diagnosis, a doctor needs to catalog lots of diseases, each one linked to an idea of the possible causes, symptoms, development and consequences, and the necessary interventions to cure or at least mitigate the disease. Learning medicine consists in … Read More

Innovation? Do not get confused

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During the last years, many people have used the word Innovation, in many cases with no particular reason. This overuse of the term seems to have converted it on a label that guarantees the success of any proposal to be sold to a customer, consumer or even the top management of a company. That is why we would like to … Read More