SEPTEMBER. Do you know how your company’s history can help to build its future?

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With start-ups’ permission, all organizations have a past that can act as an engine or as a burden; there is not middle ground. Faintheartedness is rarely seen in enduring companies. When past becomes a burden strong enough to make our company sink, it is time to let it go. We are not thinking about eliminating wisdom –in other words, firing … Read More

(5/10) COGNOS Management: There is no innovation without leadership.

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THE JOURNEY© process has been developed by Dicere to help companies develop a more robust Culture of Innovation. It consists of three phases: Discovering, Learning and Experimenting. The Discovering phase is divided in two stages: Assessment and Sensitization. In our last post we introduced the Assessment stage, performed through the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool, which gives companies an overall “Innovation Quotient”, … Read More

Third edition of our book released in India!

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Dear friends, We are happy to announce that we have published a third edition of our book about the culture of innovation, authored by Jay Rao and Fran Chuan. The Spanish was the first one to be released, followed by the American, and now we have its Indian version, called “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation. A Socratic Journey”.

(4/10) Discovering the innovative level of our company

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To innovate is not only having a brilliant idea, nor knowing how to turn it into something real and not even making it successful, if everything ends ups as an isolated fact, as a milestone in our company’s history line. To innovate is allowing our organization to develop a culture of innovation: in other words, to make possible that innovation … Read More

(3/10) From theory to “Active Learning”

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Business innovation is a long JOURNEY©. There are many steps that need to be taken, but the first and main one is training. Without it, there’s no change; and without change, there’s not innovation culture. Active Learning is one of the best ways to learn towards innovation. This holistic methodology puts special emphasis on practice, and not too much on theory, … Read More

“The Discipline & Culture of Innovation”, a book to dispel common myths and clarify concepts about innovation

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Since “Innovación 2.0” was released in 2012 we have been waiting to its English edition and the time has finally come! “The Discipline & Culture of Innovation” has been written in –not translated into– English by its original authors, Jay Rao and Fran Chuan, with the will to get to readers from all over the world and keep sharing innovation … Read More

(2/10) Innovation is no more than releasing human potential

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As we highlight in our book Innovación 2.0, to innovate we need to think about people, so they are who can offer to a company its real potential. Trough years of experience, in Dícere we have detected that many organizations transform their employees into mere productive beings, to the extent that they forget all their other latent abilities. In other … Read More

(1/10) Pursuing perfection: the ideal model of an innovative company

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Can you imagine a company in which…? Time and resources are spent in innovation just because this is the regular way of working Everything is done is useful because unnecessary bureaucracies do not exist Action, learning and results are rewarded; not only effort All employees take initiative to prosper, develop, learn… live! There’s a constant feedback exchange, which is willingly … Read More