(2/10) Innovation is no more than releasing human potential

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As we highlight in our book Innovación 2.0, to innovate we need to think about people, so they are who can offer to a company its real potential. Trough years of experience, in Dícere we have detected that many organizations transform their employees into mere productive beings, to the extent that they forget all their other latent abilities. In other … Read More

JUNE. What is so special about belonging to a team?

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An old African proverb says that alone we get faster, but together we get further. The best is to get further and faster, enjoying the journey as all that the team does works effortless. Whereas this is possible, the perfect connection requires discipline, mainly in the communication area.  Guessing the intentions of the other team members before they even say … Read More

(1/10) Pursuing perfection: the ideal model of an innovative company

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Can you imagine a company in which…? Time and resources are spent in innovation just because this is the regular way of working Everything is done is useful because unnecessary bureaucracies do not exist Action, learning and results are rewarded; not only effort All employees take initiative to prosper, develop, learn… live! There’s a constant feedback exchange, which is willingly … Read More

“How to change the world”

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That’s how Guy Kawasaki‘s blog is called. Kawasaki (@GuyKawasaki) is an entrepreneur, writer, publisher and special advisor to the Motorola business unit of Google. In October 2011 he wrote a post called “What I Learned from Steve Jobs” in which he described some things –in particular, 12– that he learned from Steve Jobs during his experience in Apple and that we’ll … Read More

Steve Jobs, Innovation, Culture and Discipline

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Steve Jobs was instrumental in shaping and in some cases reshaping the PC, Telecom, Internet, Media, Entertainment and Retail Industries. He created the post-mini-computer era with the Apple PC. And more recently he was one of the first to create successful business models around digital convergence, i.e., the coming together of data, voice and video. In doing so, Apple is … Read More

Learning innovation from… ants!

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As we have already said before, innovation takes place within communities. It is for this reason that, when we explore new territories looking for new markets, new ideas, new solutions… having a “lingua franca” of innovation in our community becomes fundamental. So, if we do not have it yet, we should start working in order to create it. And… what … Read More

The 5 habits of highly “modembitious” executives

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The term “modembitious” comes from the hybridization of “modest” and “ambitious”.  The authentic geniuses of business do not try to know everything. The most creative leaders do not only take advantage of the genius’ hidden power to attract new ideas, they take advantage of the collective genius in order to evaluate the ideas they attract. Not all the new ideas … Read More