(6/10) InSIGHT : Transforming employees in master entrepreneurs

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In our JOURNEY© to a Culture of Innovation, we have so far discovered the degree of innovation of our company via the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool. We have introduced the management teams to the world of business innovation, making them aware of the results of the assessment. We helped them to understand their role as leaders in the COGNOS workshop. Today … Read More

Albert Einstein : “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

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Building a consensus for an unambiguous and easy to understand definition of innovation has not yet been possible. We mean the systematic practice of innovation, applied to the market and business in which the company operates and competes, under the premise of consolidating their differentiation and adding value to its customers, employees and shareholders. Widely known are the words from … Read More

Locked R&D labs are already over

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An open system or organization must look at its environment for two reasons. The first one is to ensure its delivered output meets the continuously changing environmental needs. The second one is to look for inspiration, predict what the environment will demand next, create the demand and provide the first and/or the best offer to gain a competitive advantage and … Read More

JUNE. What is so special about belonging to a team?

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An old African proverb says that alone we get faster, but together we get further. The best is to get further and faster, enjoying the journey as all that the team does works effortless. Whereas this is possible, the perfect connection requires discipline, mainly in the communication area.  Guessing the intentions of the other team members before they even say … Read More

Welcome to Dícere-ToBeinn!

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Dear friends and colleagues, we post this week to anounce you that we change our blog address. Dícere-Wakab will be called from now on Dícere-ToBeinn in order to reinforce our compromise with the ToBeinn project, which was born recently.

Sailing and innovation, start the journey

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Sailing has always fascinated me. And there are so many similarities between it and innovation! When you start a journey in which the destination is not really important, you take advantage of the wind and the currents to simply enjoy and learn. You learn to use fewer things and discover yourself doing some maneuvers that you hadn’t tried before and … Read More

Stop the Nonsense! Innovation is a Discipline

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Jay Rao  Ver artículo original / See original article A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlighted the problem we have today with innovation. Indeed, this once worthy term is being degraded by CEOs, consultants, marketers, and journalists for whom it is the buzzword d’jour. The term “innovation” has been deeply devalued—to the point of being a slogan or aspiration. Also, … Read More

Steve Jobs, Innovation, Culture and Discipline

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Steve Jobs was instrumental in shaping and in some cases reshaping the PC, Telecom, Internet, Media, Entertainment and Retail Industries. He created the post-mini-computer era with the Apple PC. And more recently he was one of the first to create successful business models around digital convergence, i.e., the coming together of data, voice and video. In doing so, Apple is … Read More