SEPTEMBER – Question 8 – Where should innovation begin?

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Shape sorter

The ticubo-formas-02me has come to bring order to the chaos. Not everything goes in our Sandbox. There is something that is stopping us from putting a piece in the hole. However, we don’t yet know what that is. Observe and test. Learn.

Learn that freedom also has its rules. And trust that we will manage to fathom it out. The day will come when this intractable puzzle will appear clear and harmless.

Question 8 – Where should innovation begin?

Through the previous seven questions we have been unravelling the various ideas that, in our experience, most worry managers and collaborators, when asked about how to incorporate innovation within their organizations. During these seven months we have examined the idea of Culture and Innovation, why and how to Innovate, how to recognize our strengths and weaknesses with regards to innovation, and what is the leadership style that can promote it.

There is little more we can add with respect to the pieces making up the puzzle. Yes, and… What now? Where should we begin to build?

In the first place, we have to be clear that our starting points must be:

  • Need: learn and adapt the Concepts-Methods-Tools that are key to innovation within our organization.
  • Objective: obtain results as fast as possible.
  • The objective of our objective: show, and show ourselves, that our innovation process works, that it is possible to learn and create a new process, product, service, etc.
  • Realistic expectations: the first results will not be “revolutionary”, but they have to be “evolutionary”.
  • First task: neutralize our weaknesses, and play to our strengths.

The act of focusing work on overcoming our weaknesses will lead us to create the physical and virtual spaces to provide teams with the concepts, methods and tools necessary for innovation. This work helps us to create a more powerful, more generative, more collaborative framework of trust. We will be shaping culture towards innovation.

The tempo is also important. We must move “without hurrying, without halting”, always from the perspective of “more haste, less speed” and “one foot in front of the other”.

Do you know any sayings implying that going faster will lead to success?

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