Sailing and innovation, start the journey

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Sailing has always fascinated me. And there are so many similarities between it and innovation! When you start a journey in which the destination is not really important, you take advantage of the wind and the currents to simply enjoy and learn.

You learn to use fewer things and discover yourself doing some maneuvers that you hadn’t tried before and overcoming situations that seemed impossible. You get to the end of the journey and discover an environment that you hadn’t foreseen and conclude that you have changed.

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Logically you can also complain about the bad direction of the wind, about some elements or land pleasures that you have missed, about not having accomplished your own expectations or about suffering some uncomfortable circumstances. Or even complain about all of it!

We are facing a matter of attitudes towards life, so it does not really matter if it’s a sailing journey, a family trip or any other experience.

It works the same way in the business world. If you desire to take part in an innovation process:

  1. You should be ready and prepared to take advantage of the circumstances as if all of them were opportunities.
  2. We’ll discover ourselves making some things we may not have expected.
  3. We’ll overcome situations which seemed suitable for others, but unapproachable for us.
  4. We’ll get to an unexpected destination.

All of it if we are cautious, positive and ready to “travel”.

Fran Chuán

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