August – Question 7 – What is the leadership style that encourages innovation?

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Rake and Spadepala-rastrillo

Dig. Remove. Rake. Tidy.

Let’s get to work. Action. Effort. The enjoyment of transforming our environment. Toiling to make what we have imagined become real, only to see that it’s not exactly what we wanted… but that’s okay too. It’s our work. The result of our effort. And if we are still not satisfied… start again.

Dig. Remove. Rake…

What is the leadership style that encourages innovation?

We know that the culture of the organization acts as a brake or accelerator when incorporating innovation in the daily routine. And we also know that the leadership style determines the culture of the organization. Ergo, the impact of leadership in achieving our cherished culture of innovation is total!

A leader that stimulates innovation culture must be:

  • Inspiring of a vision for the future.
  • A model of innovative behavior.
  • A support for teams, both in successes and failures.
  • Adaptable to modes of procedure.
  • A challenger of a way of being enterprising.
  • A trainer in new concepts, methods and tools.
  • An influencer in the face of organizational obstacles.
  • Steadfast in obtaining achievements and learning, even in times of adversity.

As you see, our ideal leader is much closer to being a coach than a manager.

Innovation is the achievement of unknowns. Therefore, the leader must master the art of open questions and active listening more than that of the communication of decisions. Unfortunately, we are trained more for this second concept.

When achievements are pursued in unfamiliar territory (innovation!) the answers are never in a single person, because innovation is always a group matter, developing ideas born in one group and improving them in another. So if we want to stimulate innovation, we must make everyone feel involved. Yes, that is one of the things that make innovation such a special thing to achieve.

In the IQ Assessment – we have 9 actuating elements that allow us to pulse the quality of the innovation-stimulating leadership style within the organization. To improve it is vital to know where we are today. imagen 08 en Assess IQ

Do you think you can become a leader of innovative teams? If you want to, you can.

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