JULY – Question 6 – What are our weaknesses?

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Elusive and unstable…the ball challenges us with its simple appearance and unpredictable nature.

An element of sobriety: a simple, smooth and unwrinkled surface, with no ridges, corners or sides. And despite this, our solid bubble hides a wealth of possibilities. It escapes with ease, and then returns. A simple gust of wind and change its destiny. How can we live with the complexity of the spherical?

What are our weaknesses?

The big problem with our weakness is not so much having them, but not knowing what they are.

To detect the weaknesses of an organization that is looking to develop its Innovation Culture we use www.innoquotient.com.

As we can see in this image from the IQ diagnostic, this organization has serious weaknesses in:


  • Access to knowledge (53rd position with an average of 1.67 out of 5).
  • Resource availability, especially small capital to experiment (54th with 1.33).
  • Dense bureaucracy that limits dynamism (51st with 2.00)
  • There are no processes or skills for idea generation, filtration or prioritizing.

Such a situation could lead us to an impasse or confusion, however, our 12 years of experience lets us state that this is easy solved, as long as there is the will to do so from the managerial team.

  • We suggest acquiring knowledge on how to generate reformulated ideas and opportunities on how to reduce bureaucracy.
  • We have seen enough similar cases to be able to guarantee that the longed-for “quick wins” can be gained in just a few weeks.
  • In addition to the benefits of the results, a different mood would be spread amongst people, which would make it easier and easier to innovate and improve results.

This is just a simple example of how to discover our weakness and how to turn them into strengths with time and leadership.

Every cloud has a silver lining. Have a great summer!

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