(6/10) InSIGHT : Transforming employees in master entrepreneurs

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In our JOURNEY© to a Culture of Innovation, we have so far discovered the degree of innovation of our company via the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool. We have introduced the management teams to the world of business innovation, making them aware of the results of the assessment. We helped them to understand their role as leaders in the COGNOS workshop. Today we are introducing the last step in the Discovery and Awareness phase: the InSight workshop.



The COGNOS workshop ended with the choice of the participants pioneering the process towards a Culture of Innovation. Now it is time to start deploying the changes to the organization as a whole. The objective is to make them embrace the change and help them to unlearn old habits in order to learn new and more effective ones.

We claim at Dicere that we can transform employees in intrapreneurs. In a few words, InSight is a workshop building the foundation for these future master intrapreneurs. It is an experiential workshop in which participants create an organization that replicates the reality of their job place, including the dynamics and pressures of everyday life such as lack of time, changes in the organizational structure or competing priorities.

Whereas a company may want to become innovative, this will not happen without showing to their employees how to behave in the pursuit of this goal. The Insight workshop discovers and unleashes the potential of the individuals and aligns their personal motivations with the purpose and strategy of the organization.

This requires to not only explaining to them what is innovation, why to innovate and how to innovate (as done previously with the management teams in the COGNOS workshop). The employees must also become aware of the roles and responsibilities that each of them can show to help develop a stronger Culture of Innovation, understanding and openly accepting their own potential and limitations as members of the organization.

After all the above, we reach the last step of the InSight workshop. It is the preparation of a specific action plan to be put in place by the participants when they are back at their workplace.

The Insight workshop completes the Discovery phase of THE JOURNEY©. Through this phase we have managed to get the members of the organization from a state of unconscious incompetence – not knowing that the discipline of innovation exists – to a state of conscious incompetence – becoming familiar with the concepts of what innovation, why and how to innovate – but still not competent at bringing them into practice.

In the next post we’ll talk about the second phase of THE JOURNEY© to the Culture of Innovation: Learning.

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