There is an Innovation Culture suitable for your Organization…

If you want to build an innovation culture in the organization transforming ideas in innovative initatives and employees in
intrapreneurs to improve the business results, we can help you.

Assessment Innovation Culture        

  • Do you know your starting point as an innovative organization?
  • Can you make an objective analysis of your current situation?
  • Can you define a strategy based on measurable data?
  • What are the key challenges to succeed in the short term?
  • How do you stop thinking about innovation as a blurred concept and make it something useful?
  • How can you show your innovation team something concrete to do?

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InnoQuotient, on-line questionnaire to assess an organization’s current Culture of Innovation.

Diagnosis of the organization´s current innovation climate, focusing on the six fundamental building blocks on which the Professors Rao and Weintraub (Babson College, Boston) construct the Culture of Innovation:

Resources        –       Processes       –       Results
Values       –       Behaviors       –       Climate

The analysis of the results facilitates the development of a strategy and an action plan directed at accelerating  innovation  in order to archive measurable results in the short time.

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Taking the Pulse of your firm’s Innovative Culture.

Innovation, a Leadership Question

  • What do we mean say when we talk about Innovation?
  • What are the key theories and methodologies of Innovation?
  • Does Innovation mean the same for all organizations?
  • How should your own Culture of Innovation be?
  • How is Innovation directed / led?
  • Can you expect results in the short term?

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Workshop to reinforce and align the executives of the organization in their role as leaders in the strategic definition of the sustainable Innovation.

The Management Team requires clear information and training tools addressed to meet the needs of the organization in order to face the challenge of defining a strategy for sustainable Innovation.

The Management Team must know how to set in motion the team that must lead an innovation process (the drivers) and identify the entrepreneurs who committed to make it work. This will make the initiative credible, avoiding the biggest risks of the innovation processes: improvisation and detachment from those involved.

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Align and lead the Culture of Innovation which is appropriate for your Organization.

Insight, Corporate Entrepreneurship

  • Why does information flow so slowly between management and employees?
  • Why are your company objectives so disconnected with what you do in your daily work?
  • Why is it so difficult for the departments of your organization to cooperate?
  • Why do employees often feel impotent instead of entrepreneurs?
  • Why are some organizations so blind to external threats that are so obvious for outsiders?

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Experiential workshop to discover, unleash and empower the entrepreneurial initiative of the employees to achieve the desired business results.

Insight has been designed for the organizations that are fully convinced their employees are a key source of growth and decided to create an exciting working climate to help them grow personally as the organization grows.

Insight discovers and unleashes to individuals their latent potential and their freedom of choice to grow as employee and as a person contributing to the results of the organization.

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Only for known entrepreneurs, and for those yet to be discovered.

From Ideas to Opportunities

  • Of all your ideas, which are the ideal ones for turning into projects?
  • What criteria should you follow to detect opportunities where today you have ideas?
  • How does an entrepreneurial attitude contribute in this process?
  • Do you know how to “sell” your idea to the organization?
  • How should you channel the entrepreneurial strength of your team?
  • Are you aligned with respect to the theoretical and methodological keys to Innovation?

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Workshop to experiment how to move from the idea to the action as an innovative Entrepreneur.

Innovation is a discipline. As such, it must follow rules and techniques to make progress in an organized and predictable way.

In this practical workshop, we show the participants how to convert ideas into opportunities, how to select those with the biggest potential and convert them in innovative projects.

The entrepreneurial potential of the participants is key in this process. Hence, the workshop is directed towards stimulating and empowering the entrepreneurial attitude of the participants to create innovation projects.

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Systematize and experience innovation from the ideas.

AGILE Experiments Management

  • How do you turn a detected opportunity into an innovation experiment?
  • What are the characteristics of an innovation experiment?
  • How do you manage an innovation experiment?
  • What tasks do you have to define if your goal is still to be discovered?
  • How is an experimentation team structured?
  • How do you measure the degree of progress?
  • How do you follow up?
  • How do find out quickly if it is worth pursuing your innovation experiment?
  • Is this learning useful for your conventional projects?

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Workshop to learn to apply the AGILE methodology to managing Innovation projects.

Traditional project management tools do not help to manage the innovative initiatives. A typical innovation project requires us to handle ambiguity. We have no benchmarks, do not know the timings nor the resources needed to achieve the defined objective.

The AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT workshop adapts the agile methodologies to the practical needs of an innovation project. The learned skills allow us to define and manage the steps in the very short term.

This methodology gives us the flexibility to constantly change direction and determine the project feasibility much earlier that with traditional project management.

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There is an other possible way to manage projects.

Coaching Innovation Experiments

  • And after learning, what happens when you return to your day to day reality?
  • Would you be able to put in practice what you learned?
  • How will you adapt what you learned to the reality of your organization?
  • How does it all affect the day-to-day life?
  • What are the changes you should expect at your job place?
  • Is it possible to change the culture of your organization?

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Coaching sessions to support  Innovation Project Teams  in the efficient attainment of their challenge.

The best way to learn is to repeat practice in real projects within the hectic day-to-day schedule, sharing it with other functions.

The expert support to innovation teams gives them the needed as they make progress. At the same time, they get the synergies of confronting the real needs of each project with the new theory and methodologies supported by the consultant´s experience.

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Practice, practice and practice, it is the only way to close the learning loop.

Catalyst Innovation Table

  • How can we create synergies with innovation teams?
  • How do we show the commitment of senior management with teams that strive to innovate to evolve our culture towards an Innovation Culture?
  • How do we detect the trends created when exploring?
  • How can we accelerate the process of obtaining results?
  • How can we align progress with strategy?
  • Who determines the priorities and the configuration of teams?

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Catalyst Innovation Table, accelerating body, essential to reduce frustration and increase success rate.
In chemistry, the catalysts are accelerators or retarders of reactions.
The catalyst table has distinct functions. With the catalyst table, we help innovation experimentation teams to:

  • Accelerate decision making about an experiment:
    • Stop it and decide what to do with the results obtained
    • Change orientation or
    • Progress
  • Establish learning procedures and share learnings.
  • Detect and define trends applicable to the market and/or the organization.
  • Accompany in the establishment of innovation rituals.

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