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Spanish Association for Quality (AEC). As partners in a strategic alliance, we launched in June 2014 the Study on Innovation Culture in Spain, now in its second edition:

Thanks to the tenacity and energy of the AEC team, we continue harvesting more companies interested in participating in this project. This will allow us to generate an Innovation Quotient for the Culture of Innovation of Spanish companies to be updated every year as a benchmark of the evolution of the innovation power in Spain.

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A fresh and dynamic team of experts in Coaching, transforming teams wherever they go. They are the partner with whom we complement nationwide. We are confident that we will learn a lot with them, so let’s have fun together taking on new challenges.

“By innovating through people we improve competences and skills, productivity, and personal and professional relationships”.

For years Resulta2 has worked with its formula for success, which states that in order to achieve great results in organisations, innovation in people must be multiplied by innovation in systems, and the result added to the unique experience of the client. These three parameters are essential if we want to achieve success nowadays.

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Our first international step through partners. It is a team of young professionals led by Simon Schoop, working for years with a focus on supporting organizations in Change and Innovation. 4Advice is based in Bonn. We will explore together the German speaking countries: Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

4Advice is a major driver of innovation in sectors such as IT, telecommunications, automotive and insurance, with demonstrated leadership in implementing their strategies. According to the company “Anticipate market trends and act quickly” are essential elements if we want to encourage sustainable development to changes in usage patterns of customers and disruptive innovations.

4Advice is aligned with Dicere in encourage creativity and entrepreneurship training through the transformation of people.

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ToBeInn – The Innovation Network is a network of innovative companies resulting from the alliance of Alias, Allied to Grow, Estrategia i Organització and Dicere. Three companies with a strong presence in different but complementary areas of the Innovation world, led respectively by Ismael Abel, Professor Joaquim Vilà and Fran Chuan.

This alliance was created with the intention of establishing a forum to exchange experiences, thoughts and knowledge generation around innovation and bring them into practice to add value for companies. As we do not believe in borders, we have already consolidated in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Germany.

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Innovis-Grupo Evoltis, our first partner in LATAM (Latin America), exactly in Cordoba, Argentina.

Innovis-Grupo Evoltis is a firm specialized in boosting the culture of innovation in companies and accompanying them in their development and systematization.

The goal of Innovis-Grupo Evoltisis to promote innovation in companies through an ecosystem of tools, methodologies and services, which enables to manage in an integral and sustainable way the process of organizational innovation.

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