AUGUST. Should we share our knowledge and experience with others? Or not?

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When someone travels with his eyes wide open he discovers things that can’t be found even in the best guides. Sometimes the most fascinating thing when travelling is to discover people: their conducts, their ways of proceeding. Feeling different and question ourselves about these differences is, at least, an enriching exercise.

Something that calls our attention when we travel to Silicon Valley or Greater Boston area is that people –entrepreneurs, businessmen and women– naturally share with each other the projects in which they are working and their next winning launches for the immediate months.

Many times the best way of demonstrating the “strong leader” status is to show others what we know, as much to customers and suppliers as to direct competitors. It is a way of showing musculature to the market.

On the other hand, it is also a way of asking indirectly if that on what we are working has a positive echo, or not. It is like doing a market survey. How many times have we listened or read about a CEO who has announced something during an interview that afterwards has been canceled or revised? The fact is that there’s no better way of hitting the mark than testing the interest of the recipient.

Those ones that feel themselves as leaders don’t avoid talking about the main features of their next star products and services. Some of them even make demos of them.

As examples, we can see the recent Apple convention on the 10th June and the video “A day made of glass” that Corning, the glass manufacturer, posted online in 2011 and briefly got more than 10 million visits. Both presentations show an enormous similarity between some of their devices and icons; although a two years time difference separates them! Chance or consequence of sharing?

In our opinion, sharing information, ideas and projects with other people (customers, suppliers or competitors) can only be beneficial. With one extra consideration; a part from talking of it, we should be agile enough to advance in the execution, which leads us to ask ourselves if, on the contrary, not sharing is fruit of insecurity in our capacities.

Whichever way we look at it, learning to share can only benefit us.

 Dícere’s Team

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