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capçalera news engIf you promise not to look at how the presentation is done (this probably would not make the grade on many of the courses on the subject) we invite you to watch this TED Talk.

Richard St. John, departing from the question about what drives us to success, presents his conclusions after 500 interviews with members of TED –which he considers successful people–.

We know! You’re going to say, originalities, few; and you won’t be wrong. In our defense, we ask: Do you not think that we often want someone to show us what we know so well already? What has always been under our noses?

That’s why we think it’s worth remembering –in the synthetic and agile way in which Richard, in his comings and goings to the computer, unravels them–, these 8 keys that must be in the backpack of any of us pursuing a dream. (And… do you know anyone who doesn’t?)

Remember also one more time (in case someone did not know yet), that our goal cannot be the success, but the dream itself. What would we do with success if we didn’t have something backing it?

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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