News October – Discreet challenges, lasting changes

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capçalera news engWould you put innovation and discretion in the same package? Do you think that innovation can come through a sequence of small changes?

Well, it can … Innovation, the famous and overhyped innovation, does not like the spotlights or appearing on the covers; at least not while developing.

It needs to move through discrete, affordable and close challenges; challenges raised from the awareness that we can achieve them … or not, but that we have to try to learn and discover new things; or even challenges that, once achieved and the result seen, we decide that it is better to discard them.

Innovation, to grow, needs unrestraint and flexibility; no rigidity or demands. Responds badly to high expectations, and, at the same time, requires intention and routine.

The Ted talk presented here, by the hand of Matt Cutts, brings us this flicker of recklessness wrapped within the discipline of marked deadlines: look for a small change, incorporate it, live it for 30 days, and then decide what you want to do with it.

Do you notice how the lack of pressure already encourages you to start your engines? It’s just that … taking away the pressure, the desire to change something awakens in us. Will it have something to do with our innate predisposition to innovate??

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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