News November – To be or not to be creative?

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capçalera news engIf you are one of those who believe that this is the question, you really should see this TALK, even if it is one the long ones (darn it!).

The real question is that there is something that David Kelley calls “to gain creative confidence” and that will allow us to leave the dark zone of non-creative people and place ourselves where we belong (we assure you: we are all born creative, although we might not be aware of that anymore).

When you are where you belong, it is not that you gain in creative confidence, it is that you gain confidence and -as Kelley explains- this does not only serve to become more creative, but it puts us in a position different from the one in which we were, it offers us a new perspective of ourselves and of life.

Wow, that is no trifle and even less for those of us who have an interest in innovation.

What is innovation without putting your creative capacity in motion? How can we stimulate innovation around us if we do not count with people that are aware of their creative potential? And… do you really think that some of us are born without creativity? Do you seriously believe it?

As we said, find 11’40’’ and enjoy this video…

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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