News May – Attitudes and prejudices

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capçalera news engReality does not exist. There are facts that we interpret with our values and filters, and these interpretations condition us in such a way that they can lead us, even, to euphoria or depression, to the most absolute success or failure.

Phil Hansen wanted to be an artist, but he had a slight (perhaps not so slight) physical dysfunction that for other people would have been a limitation in the development of his artistic side. He believed in himself and confronted the situation from a creative perspective modifying his reality, turning a weakness into a strength.

A limitation converted into geniality, which creates a style only available to those who have a similar dysfunction.

We recommend this video because it is great to see how the difference between a creative limitation and a style trend is much closer than we imagine.

The next time you notice some limitation in yourself or someone in your environment -whatever type that is: creative capacity, geographical location, purchasing power or whatever else you can imagine- consider that it’s better to see the limitations or difficulties as opportunities. It will draw you to reinvent the concept of limitation and to have a lot more fun … which is also healthier 😀.

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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