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Sillón_lectura_marzo enKen Blanchard is one of our source thinkers and authors, as he has the ability to focus his thoughts on a single issue at a time, and help us to improve through very clear, personal stories.

This book looks at change, and the reasons why it is so difficult to adapt to it. Change is continuous. Whether we like it or not, everything changes; both ourselves and the environment. And it is better if we can guide the change in the direction we want, and not let us be taken along by circumstances. The latter tends to create frustration and tension in relationships.

Some of the ideas shared in this book, and which we consider to be relevant, are:

  • “The human mind is in a constant state of doing one of two things: either it is learning something new or it is forgetting.”
  • “Repetition is key to overcoming each of the reasons why people do not apply what they know.”

According to Blanchard, listening is one of the most important skills we have when learning, but he warns:

  • “Listen without prejudice or preconceived ideas,
  • with an enthusiastic attitude of learning towards the new information,
  • with positive expectations.
  • with a pencil in hand to take notes,
  • with the desire to listen not only to what is being said, but to what your imagination creates,
  • with an attitude of: How can I use this?”

Managing our changes allows us to grow as people and as professionals, improve our self-esteem and, as a consequence, lets us create very creative spaces and obtain better results. If we want to radiate positivity, enjoy ourselves more and take advantage of the opportunities from our environment, which is in a state of permanent change, he says…

This is how it begins…

There once was a successful author who wrote about simple truths. His books were designed to help himself and others manage and motivate people in more effective ways.

Everyone who read his books loved his stories and messages. He sold millions of copies. Yet there was one thing that troubled him.

It usually reared its head when someone told him, “I’ve read all your books and really love them.”

The author had always been taught that true learning involves a change in your behavior. In fact, he thought that learning was a journey from knowing to doing.

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