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capçalera news engWhat is creativity? Where and how is it generated? What is its starting point?

In the video that we present today, Kirby Ferguson shows us several examples of songs and products that have become very popular and delves into their conception. The conclusions are surprising, and we would also say that they are encouraging, because the creation process presented may be within the reach of any of us: “copy, transform, combine”, this is the formula for obtaining a remix, and that has been key in so many innovations.

In his talk, Ferguson also introduces the concept of copyright, the extent to which laws can protect or punish copying as the origin of a new product. We are going to stay in the intriguing field of the generation of ideas, of inspiration, without entering into legal appreciations, and we invite you to reflect on the creative process in its broadest sense, beyond the remix.

What do you think is the formula of creativity? Should we think that this depends on a fortuitous and masterful illumination, or rather that it has to do with the capacity for observation and an open mentality, with the ability to question what already exists and surrounds us?

I hope you enjoy the video and the reflection … and find inspiration to incorporate it into your day to day life. It is easier than you think.

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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