News July – The power of small ideas

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capçalera news engWe often forget that ideas that are the most obvious and worn-out, and therefore seemingly irrelevant, hide a potential that can put in check our elaborate pro executive scaffolding.

In this Talk that we present today, Arianna gives us her fetish idea. A simple and obvious idea, but that doesn’t stop it being fundamental even if it is simple and obvious.

What can we say about the suggestion she makes, and how she does it? Little more than to applaud and join in everything she says and communicates. In just over 4´ it synthesizes a powerful message.

This small, insignificant and bright idea leads us to reflect on the authenticity – the respect for oneself – that every apprentice leader must pursue and redefines leadership with an analogy that the captain of the Titanic would have even liked for himself.

We are going to use the upcoming holidays to pay attention to it.

Happy summer and enjoy your rest!

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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