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You’d better have paid attention to our July newsletter before moving onto this new Talk, because we are moving from the most healing rest to an overflowing hyperactivity.

Ashton Cofer puts all his energy and enthusiasm in presenting us how he and his science team managed to face the impossible and turn it into reality. The formula is not new: “fail”, “fail” and “fail” without, however, stopping trying to “fail” again.

We can call it stubbornness, perseverance, resilience … but until we transform as a collective the concept of trial-failure to nourishing, positive and necessary, we will not recover the audacity and lucidity of a child.

Failure as we know it today is the result of obstinacy in error, it is not learning from previous attempts. The error is something positive, it is an indispensable step in the way towards the unknown, towards the discovery, ergo … towards innovation.

Here we leave you, with the energy of these hard-working “failures” and with a question to be solved: how do we do to encourage and systematize in our organizations this spirit with such innovative repercussions?

Click on the image and enjoy this video…

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