News January – Need sparks innovation

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We start our 2018 news with this video of which we want to highlight two aspects:

  • The first, that innovation has no age. Any of us, regardless of age, regardless of social class, wherever we live, is a potential innovator.
  • That need is one of the most powerful sources of creativity and innovation.

Richard is not more than a child, he does not live in Silicon Valley and he does not have access to the Venture Capitals or similar. But he observed a problem that threatened his future. He experimented, learned from his results and came to conclusions. He sophisticated the prototype to find an applicable solution, sustainable in time and affordable in cost.

Many organizations have ample resources to innovate and do not succeed. Why has a child from a rural area of Kenya been able to make such an impact on his environment? Richard, and many other similar people, are an extraordinary inspirational source to change our day to day and that of our environment.

We hope you enjoy the short minutes of this Delicious video…

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