News February – The impact of grit in our lives

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2. Angela Duckworth

capçalera news engWe think fantastic the news that Angela Duckworth gives us about the fact that our results are not linked to our immovable and unchangeable being, to what comes with us at birth. Instead they are linked to our grit: that is the sum of passion and perseverance.

Do not you find the world of possibilities that this conclusion opens fascinating?

It means that, if we find how to stimulate passion in our children, in our colleagues and collaborators, and we provide them with the means to apply their perseverance, it is very possible that they significantly improve the results they obtain.

This brings us to a new question: how to stimulate passion in others (or in ourselves)? The answer would give us enough material for another news, and even more, but, in a risky spirit of synthesis, in our experience we believe that passion is stimulated when three factors combine: 1) clarity of purpose to understand the why of what we do, 2) availability of knowledge and tools that facilitate progress and 3) a pinch of talent that allows us to obtain results that motivate us.

Great news for our role as parents, as leaders, as referents.

And now, let’s go to the video …

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