News December – Do we want to become 21st century leaders?

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Global leaders, pro leaders… ¡it is time to update! As stated by Rosalinde Torres in this TED video, traditional leadership remains focused on the world it was not in the world that is coming.

And for those who rather rest on their laurels, Rosalinde makes it clear that traditional assessments give false positives and generate a dangerous feeling of tranquility.

Then, what are we going to do with our decades of leadership expertise? Well, we will keep our invaluable traces of wisdom and adapt to the new ways of doing things; for such purpose and as we always say, humbleness and the yearning to learn are a must in the leader’s backpack, as well as knowing how to look around corners and having lots of authenticity -the key for today’s leaders.

Oh, and if you are wondering… new leaders, young people recognized as such, do they have to update? No, of course not, new leaders come already upgraded, they are already 21st century leaders.

So, in our wish list for the coming year we will ask for the new 21st century leadership kit! Merry Christmas and Happy Reflection!

Click on the image and enjoy this video…


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