News April – What can we learn from children?

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capçalera news engIt is a delight to listen to Adora Svitak describing the adults. In less than 8 ‘, Adora shares with us from her young eyes and with great clarity and aplomb, various reflections that should make us rethink certain ways of acting.

We will agree that there are many similarities between children and geniuses. For example, both groups are extremely curious and share a similar lack of respect for the limits that the rest of us impose on ourselves. They are able to see opportunities where we usually see problems. The question that arises is that if the geniuses usually generate so much respect and admiration that we do not hesitate to give them space for their development, why do we usually encourage children to contemplate and assume our own limits as theirs?

In our organization, we are surrounded by collaborators that we influence according to how we act. We can treat them as we usually treat children, or we can treat them as if they were potential geniuses. In our professional experience we encourage leaders to believe that their collaborators can achieve genius achievements, and the results obtained are truly amazing. It’s all about stimulating confidence in themselves and in our relationship, the energy that trust generates does the rest.

Do you dare putting it into practice?

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