MAY – Question 4 – How do we innovate?

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DicereGlobal_legoLego Pieces

What attracts us so much about these smooth textured brightly colored pieces? It’s because as soon as we see them our imagination takes the initiative and drives us to devise models that take shape as we join one piece with another, combine one color with another; imagination and the pieces, and, above all, the implied invitation to create. It’s pure fun, and knowledge of the game.

How do we innovate?

Innovation has more to do with the experience you have when faced by the Lego pieces than with the usual projects you are involved in every day.

  • It has more to do with experiencing than planning.
  • It has more to do with discovering than achieving objectives.
  • It has more to do with stimulating curiosity than racking your brains.
  • It has more to do with investigating to validate hypotheses than putting beliefs into practice.

An innovation project could actually be defined as a compendium of experiments to validate a battery of hypotheses. If we are facing a disrupting project, some hypotheses may sound crazy. But we are getting to know ourselves and we know that what makes the difference between madness and genius is success.

Therefore, we can answer the question of this month’s newsletter with a few ideas:

Don’t take anything for granted, but try it out as often as necessary

  • Don’t rule anything out however “crazy” it may sound; you know that if your colleagues think an idea is crazy… phew! Imagine if it works!DícereGlobal matriX
  • List the experiments you should do to test the hypotheses you have come up with.
  • When an experiment is complicated to carry out, break it down into smaller experiments.
  • Break down the experiments until they are “easy” to carry out.
  • Locate each of the experiments to be carried out in a matrix like the one shown here.
  • Whatever the result of the experiment, share the result and the lesson learned!

Don’t take anything for granted. Ask yourself, “Why not!”. Experiment (if possible with fast techniques in game form). Learn; and share your achievements and lessons learned.

Have fun. The serotonin you generate will help; even in your private life!

Please remember that every month you will find a new video from Thinking Heads Digital on our website. Thanks, THD, for sharing knowledge with all of us! This month: Nigel Barlow – Are You Sure You Want to Innovate?


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