MARCH. Question 2 – What is Innovation?

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 figuritas-02Moulds for figures

Sand is sand: a universal material, the same for everyone. Moulds allow us to create different shapes from this common and shared material.

Our moulds can be these popular ones… or they may be unique and personalized and allow us to obtain our own results from such a common material as sand. Who chooses the moulds? What moulds are we able to create?What is Innovation?

Over the years we have come up against an interesting fact: and that is that the definition of innovation is not a trivial issue, let alone obvious. And if you don’t agree, we encourage you to do the exercise of asking a group of people in your organization to write down on a piece of paper what innovation is for them. Then compare the answers.

If we do not agree on the definition, how can we convey to teams an unambiguous and clear message about what we expect of them and of all of us?

Innovation is the first business discipline where it is more important to put the emotional side of people into play than their rational side.

It is a discipline where we need people’s feelings and not just their brains. We need their most creative part; their ability to handle uncertainty and ambiguity, to experience and learn fast, to share ideas and hypotheses however crazy they may seem. We mustn’t forget that the only difference between a madman and a genius is the success of his proposal! It is not by chance that the subtitle of our book in Spanish is “Why do we forget about people when we talk about innovation?”.

Innovation is creating, surprising, having fun, getting excited, having a twinkle in your eye, it is curiosity, resilience, celebration, growing day by day.

But make no mistake, innovation is not chaos. In fact, innovation does not like entropy. We need to find the conjunction between the emotional and the rational sides. They need each other.

In other words, innovation is emotion, but it is also concepts that help us to have a lingua franca, like any other business discipline. It is methods and processes that allow us to manage and work as teams. And it has its own tools that allow the execution and obtaining of learning and achievement.

As we see, enabling innovation within an organization is somewhat complex; hence the importance of laying a solid foundation. Let’s start with the essential thing: agreeing on the concept. Otherwise, how can we mobilize those around us towards a common goal?

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3 Comments on “MARCH. Question 2 – What is Innovation?”

  1. Thank you for summing up al the means which are needed, if we want to cover human needs by human knowledge and creativity.
    I like your correct comments regarding the missing common definition of ”Innovation”. During my many years as Innovation Executive I have always taken care of a common understanding, in my teams, of this Word:
    Innovation is
    the beneficial utilization
    of knowledge and creativity,
    in order to discover and realize
    what does not yet exist.
    As you say, we can find many definitions, but this one has been the ”Title” of my Innovation Pathway in many Innovations and Inventions.
    I am so happy for your Quistion 1!!!
    Best regards
    Erik Keldmann, Founder at

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