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For each innovative action, there are thousand articles written on the subject. The reason is that Innovation is not yet a developed discipline, like Marketing, Quality or Chemistry. Therefore, many people feel entitled to talk about it and – consequently – still more people feel confused when taking action because there is no proven successful approach.

When we feel bad, we tend to share it with those we trust. Probably, we get some kind of advice until we end up visiting the doctor to get a diagnosis of what is wrong. The analyses will detect what is not working and the doctor will recommend what steps to take to get cured.

If our company is not as innovative as we would like it to be, we can meet (as the people in the video do) as a Leadership Team to review the business strategy and reflect about it for as long as we want. However, nothing will be more effective than an analysis to detect our problems, or better said, our opportunities. Once the current situation is clear, developing an action plan to improve it, is a no-brainer.

The Assessment of the Culture of InnovationInnoQuotient (Jay Rao & Joe Weintraub)- offers a proven diagnosis of what is wrong with the company and where to act in order to get the desired results. (It is like Sister Judith in the video desperately asking for action!) What the assessment shows, allows moving from analysis to action and transforming the “assembly” of employees in entrepreneurial “activist” to get results. Moreover, if it helps us to feel better referenced, we can compare our results with the best in class companies in our country, sector, etc.

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