Learning How To Lead And Manage Innovation Projects.

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In previous articles we introduced the Discovery phase into a Culture of Innovation consisting of two stages: the Assessment (the 6x3x3 Assessment Tool questionnaire) and the Sensitization (COGNOS and INSIGHT workshops). This phase makes us aware of the innovation culture in our organization and helps management and employees penetrate the concept of innovation, empowering the special role of leadership in this process of building a more robust Culture of Innovation. We move away from the state of unconscious incompetence into the state of conscious incompetence.

The Journey - Learning

After Discovery, it is now time for the Learning phase consisting of two workshops made by Dicere: SCRUM-INN (agile project management) and COMUNICA (interpersonal communication). The overall objective of Learning is to help the members of an organization acquire new skills needed to bring to life innovative initiatives effectively, following the strategy and values shared by the company. The learning is very practical, inviting action and reflection. It is in this phase when employees put their learning in practice, giving management the opportunity to “walk the talk”, showing rigor (clear expectations) and perseverance (celebrating successes and failures – by extracting the learning from them and supporting the next round of testing).
The skills practiced in this phase are:

  • Methodology for Innovation Project Management
  • Effective time and priority management in an uncertain environment
  • Understand interactions and influences between the cultural building blocks
  • Acquire interpersonal skills needed to become an intrapreneurs
  • Transform ideas into opportunities
  • Align roles and responsibilities

In the following posts about Dicere products and services we will discuss in detail about the workshops designed to work all these areas: SCRUM-INN and COMUNICA.

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