JANUARY – 9 questions leading to Innovation

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Imagine an invulnerable place, either physical or imaginary. An invulnerable place where neither rules or hierarchies or lifelong preconceived ideas can enter. A clean, empty place where the upside-down world fits; where disruption, madness and innovation are possible. A place which is invulnerable yet open to the four winds; a place where everyone fits. If we can imagine it, it must exist.

9 questions leading to Innovation

You guessed it, New Year… new Dícere News topic. And in 2016 we want to stand out (About time!, you will rightly say).

Well, to begin with we want to make it clear that we will continue talking about Innovation, Innovation and Innovation more than ever. Yes. We are still convinced that innovation as the soul and culture of an organization is the key to survival and –what’s more- enjoyment.

Regarding innovation in organizations, our experience tells us that both managers and employees still raise the same 9 questions; regardless of the sector, nationality or size of your company. Throughout 2016 we will discuss each of these questions, and our opinions based on our direct experience, to see if together we can manage to elicit valid answers.

Valid answers… but who for? The depth of the reflection and conclusion, and the simplicity or difficulty of the implementation of each of the answers, depends largely on the degree of maturity of each organization regarding the Culture of Innovation. That is, as is so often the case, to 1 single question, there are n answers. And each must find his own.

As you will see, some of our 9 questions are surprisingly obvious. However, we know that many of the frustrations caused by innovation initiatives stem from the assumption that we all have the same definition or answer to these questions in mind.

How often have we been surprised to discover that several colleagues had different ideas about something we thought as obvious as, for example, the very definition of what innovation is?

As always, we want you to join us in our News and, together, generate reflection and innovation, and for this to be sustainable, of course.

Thanks for being there!

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This month: Ken Segall “The importance of being insanely simple”.

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