Innovation Is Just A Step Away

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Innovation requires change. Changing the world is an empowering vision for many people and companies. How many of us however are ready to accept this may require changing ourselves first?

One single step can be a life changing experience. It can happen anywhere at any point in time of life. There is no need to penetrate the wild forest, travel to no-man’s land to fight against dragons or board a spacecraft to Mars. Actually, the most difficult journey we probably have to make in life may be just taking one step. Those who dare taking the risk can experience the most amazing discoveries of life.

From The Renaissance time 500 years ago, mankind has made tremendous progress in the quality of life by managing science and intelligence. Since then knowledge has grown immensely, and with the appearance of internet, there seems to be no limit to the information at hand. IQ (intelligence) has been the focus of most prestigious awards in recognition of the contributions made to progress. Most of us have trained our brains to think in order to thrive, or at least be able to survive, in this environment.

During the last years there is however a growing trend recognizing that something is missing, that we have become insensitive to much of what surrounds us. We are hyper-connected but are probably communicating less than ever.

Next to IQ, EQ (emotion) and even SQ (spirituality) have come on scene as something that humankind needs to feel fulfilled. Thinking is not enough for that. Feeling is also needed. Despite wealth and progress, there are still many fundamental questions unanswered like poverty, sustainability, etc. Humans can be only fulfilled when they think and feel connected with their environment, with the people and the things in it.

But this connection with the environment does not come for free. We must first invest in connecting with ourselves. The first journey to fulfillment takes only one step, the one that connect both sides of our brain.

Innovation starts with discovery. Discovering ourselves is the first step, what we “do” in this world and how we add value to it. Why is it so hard to take it?

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