Design Thinking provides the tools and techniques needed for creative problem resolution.

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Last November IESE, within the course Design Thinking & Innovation Management, conducted the first simulation developed in Spain of Desing Thinker of Ideo, and was led by Professor Joaquim Vilà.

Simulation game Design Thinker, created by a Canadian company, ExperiencePoint, in collaboration with IDEO, to get a meaningful hands-on experience with design thinking.

Design Thinker runs as workshop where teams are challenged to flex their creativity to solve a realistic and complex design challenge.




The simulation took place in the new multi-purpose, flat room (inaugurated this last October in the North Campus of IESE). In it students worked in a teams of 6 people to tackle a realistic innovation challenge from start to finish in a short period of just 4 hours.

Each participant explored each phase of the design thinking process (inspire-ideate-implement) and immediately applied the learning using a highly visual and intuitive set of templates, tools and technology-enabled collaborative dashboard. By stepping through the Innovation Process, students engaged with the terms, techniques, and thought patterns that would normally take several weeks to learn.

The main skills developed and applied in the Design Thinker simulation include: user observation, formation and evaluation of insights, user experience analysis, framing of opportunities, brainstorming techniques and basic prototyping & experimentation.


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