DECEMBER – Your Culture of Innovation

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Your Sandbox

Your space and your elements Where you can play, test, learn, experiment, challenge, fail, figure out, train, share, rule out…

Your sandbox is a free area shaped by carefully-placed elements. The versatility of the sand, the enigma of the watering can, the instability of the ball, the action of the spade and rake, the dexterity of the rings… each element has its place. Nothing is left to chance. All that must be set is your goal. Where do you think it could take you?

Your Culture of Innovation

With this news we are closing the cycle, in which we have provided some thoughts on what every organization must do in order to create sustainable innovation.

Innovation is a necessity, no one doubts that. And innovation is not difficult. History provides us with innumerable examples of organizations that have innovated, and yet have perished because they did not know how to use the innovations they had created. For that reason, the challenge is not to create innovation, but to create a true Culture of Innovation.

There are paradigmatic innovation companies that for years have debated whether or not they are capable of surviving their visionary founders, such as Apple and Sony. It is not clear whether they were (and are) innovators because they had a Jobs or a Morita, or because these knew how to arrive at a Culture of Innovation which survived them.

Throughout the 2016 newsletters, which are coming to a close here, we have listed numerous essential key points for creating a Culture of Innovation which can survive its initiators. Some of these key points are:

  • Defining the meaning for your organization of key concepts such as: Culture and Innovation.
  • Defining the objectives and reasons why your organization has to innovate.
  • Defining how and where to begin this innovation.
  • Above all, diagnosing the strengths and weaknesses in your organization, in order to be able to incorporate an exploration of the unknown, which is the territory of innovation.
  • Understanding the characteristics of leadership style that create innovation and modify culture.
  • And, finally, these magic physical and virtual spaces, where concepts, methods and tools which are essential to exploration are applied: the innovation Sandbox.

You have at your full disposal all the news on our web, and you can depend on us for all the help we can provide in navigating this magical route towards innovation.

A very Happy Christmas… and may innovation accompany you in 2017.

Please remember that every month you will find a new video from Thinking Heads Digital on our website. Thanks, THD, for sharing knowledge with all of us! This month: Gemma González – Organizaciones impulsadas por valores

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