News May – Creativity · Edwin Catmull

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Ed Catmull is a calm, open, genuine person. Three qualities which should be among the assets of any leader. And this book, although its title may make us think of another topic, is in fact about leadership. And not so much about its classic characteristics, but about the attitude one must have, and what one must generate and expect. Before … Read More

JULY – Question 6 – What are our weaknesses?

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Ball Elusive and unstable…the ball challenges us with its simple appearance and unpredictable nature. An element of sobriety: a simple, smooth and unwrinkled surface, with no ridges, corners or sides. And despite this, our solid bubble hides a wealth of possibilities. It escapes with ease, and then returns. A simple gust of wind and change its destiny. How can we … Read More

JUNE – Question 5 – What are our strengths?

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Watering can It contains and releases the water which is our fascination. That which drains away, evaporates, dries up… Fast acting and short-lived, but in passing has the capacity to cause great changes: it allows us to shape the sand it wets, change the color of our dusty skin, chase off unwanted playmates; it refreshes us or cools us…And one … Read More

APRIL – Question 3 – Why innovate?

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Dump Truck Why fill the bucket with sand if you can load it on to the dump truck and move it by pushing it on its wheels? We enjoy the feeling of seeing all that weight being moved thanks to such a simple and basic invention as wheels. Something simple and basic that someone had to invent. How many wheels … Read More

JUNE. The Innovation Loop

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A micro-dictionary with 4 concepts and 2 responsibilities is all Lotfi El-Ghandouri needs to clarify the basic concepts that make up the life cycle of innovation. We will try not to spoil the sake of simplicity, because often we get to talk and something that at first was very clear, it becomes extremely complicated.

May. Tell me Innovation Stories

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Storytelling is a very effective way to learn and transmit culture. So we learn as children and find our identity in our family. Storytelling can also be a very effective way to generate change out of such an environment and launch into a more uncertain and ambiguous world. A family environment meets our expectations and gives us satisfaction. When our … Read More

April. The role of the Leader

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Yes, it is important to discuss about the role of Leaders. And it is because their mission within the company is crucial. Both their mission and the way they do, how they manage time and resources, the way they relate to people and how to inspire them to accompanying the Leader in his task… But today we do not want … Read More